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John Kennedy: 'What's orange and sleeps six?'

State Treasurer John Kennedy had a biting joke for the Baton Rouge Rotary Club during his speech to the group on the state budget on Wednesday (July 8). "What's orange and sleeps six?" Kennedy asked of the Rotarians.  

"A DOTD truck," Kennedy quipped. "Think about that when you're waiting on the bridge."


Kennedy Speaks Out About State Budget

State Treasurer John Kennedy visited Natchitoches Rotary to discuss the legislative session.

Watch here...

The Senate adopted bills that will cut government waste and bringing transparency.

The Senate voted 36-0 in favor of House Bill 30 by state Rep. Dee Richard. The legislation, which requires legislative approval for consulting contracts worth $40,000 or more, now goes to the governor’s desk for his signature. Savings generated by rejected contracts will benefit higher education.


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